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Gardening Scotland 2018

Designed as a hybrid between a stand and a show garden, ‘Grow your Space’ exhibit will engage visitors through the show, inviting people to play an active role in the construction of the garden. In support of the ‘Greening Grey Britain’ campaign, the design suggests an alternative to grey areas and unused walls, inviting people to grow their own plants and food.  The team will be running interactive workshops throughout the weekend, demonstrating how to create your own vertical garden and providing gardening tips and advice.


A luscious green living wall is the main feature of the exhibit, packed with pockets of tasty edibles  – Twinkle peas, Pak Choi, Oriental salads, tumbling toms, cucumber pony, and many more. Visitors are invited to learn about different techniques on how to create their own green wall at home whether it is outdoor or indoor. With audience participation, parts of the wall will be planted during the festival with a variety of edibles, aromatics and pollinator friendly species.


Upcycled cable drums, incorporating pockets of shady planting take centre stage and become tables for kokedama workshops. 

The garden will be exhibited at the Gardening Scotland between 1-3June.


GP Plantscape


Anca Panait Studio

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